Professional Micro-mesh tights massaging and modeling with Swarovski Fila and Eyelet

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The elegance and refinement of Swarovski crystals meets the perfection of WishDance tights

We present a fabulous Professional Net Tights with Swarovski Row and Eyelet: the micronode processing allows to give back a massaging and modeling sensation to the leg; the Swarovski crystals are applied ultrasonically, to ensure maximum durability, both of the tights and of the Swarovski crystals themselves.

The tights are footless with eyelet closure on the illice finger.

Professional mesh tights with Swarovski are perfect for all kinds of events: from dance shows to circus events, wear them to shine even brighter whenever you want.

100% Made in Italy

Available in CARNE, BRONZE and BLACK - in sizes 1 ° / 2 ° and 3 ° / 4 °


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