Lilith - Woman's Sandal in Dakar Style Vlisko black with flower and leaf designs in Gold

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Gorgeous women's sandal, made entirely by hand by master craftsmen, in black dakar vlisko style fabric with gold flower and leaf designs, gold elastics, gold laminated stiletto heel

100% made in Italy

hand made

The right mix of elegance, personality and professionalism at your feet.

The Exlusive line by Wishdance® Art. Lilith presents all the features that have made our brand strong and unique for all these years: the 100% handcrafted and made in Italy production linked to the high quality of our materials used, allows this model to have no equal in both style and comfort.

Essential for dancing enclosed in a technically perfect shoe

The shoe contains only the best from a technical point of view, to give you maximum comfort and maximum stability, accompanying you on gala occasions or ceremonies, both on your most important show evenings.

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