AINA Fleur (Ref. 3185) - Jumpsuit in Breathable Microfibre Bielastic Modeling Containment Floral Floral Design in Colors and Bielastic Mesh Lasered design Fleur Fiorato in Colors

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Gorgeous Jumpsuit for women made entirely by hand in soft Microfiber black base with floral designs in high resolution laser-printed breathable material containment modeling underneath ....

Passion, elegance, sensuality, delicacy and aggression ... all this is AINA Fleur

The Jumpsuits by Wishdance® line is dedicated to all of you who never compromise. This line was born from the inspired pen of our stylists and fully embodies the philosophy of our brand: maximum comfort and maximum elegance on every occasion.

Microfiber Elements to give comfort to embellish an already unique model

The Jumpsuits by Wishdance® line is enriched with excellent quality materials with a very high level of craftsmanship hand-sewn a perfection that will always make you feel at ease on all occasions, which give that extra touch of originality and light, for upset the evenings when you wear it

Modeling and containing, perfect to wear, like a second skin

The distinctive feature of the "AINA Fleur" model, is made with the dance floor in mind, this guarantees maximum comfort in all situations, whether you are dancing on the floor a sensual Bachata, a Salsa, or a passionate kizomba, or simply wearing it to a gala evening

Choose AINA Fleur by Wish Dance, choose the best

The Jumpsuit line by Wishdance® model "AINA Fleur" has all the features that have made our brand strong and unique for all these years: the 100% handcrafted and made in Italy production linked to the high quality of our materials used, allows this collection that has no equal both in style and in fit and comfort.

Wish Dance is professionalism at the service of art

The jumpsuit lines have always been worn by the best dancers in the world, the Jumpsuit jumpsuit is made starting from the needs of professionals to offer all of you the best in the field of craftsmanship.

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